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North Carolina Woman Wins Cash 5 Jackpot With Online Ticket

A woman from North Carolina won more than three quarters of a million dollars, without even leaving her home.

The Buncombe County resident played the Carolina Cash 5 game online and snagged the jackpot.

North Carolina Woman Wins Jackpot After Purchasing Lottery Ticket Online

According to the NC Education Lottery, Benita Johnson of Asheville wasn’t able to visit a store to play. Instead, the woman visited the lottery online and bought her ticket through Online Play.

Benita said that her and her husband are staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak. However, she saw on the lottery’s website that she could purchase her Cash 5 ticket online, so she decided to buy a Quick Pick ticket.

The NC Education Lottery allows players to purchase tickets on their website and through their app for four draw games: Carolina Cash 5, Lucky For Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball.

It looks like Benita’s decision paid off. The Asheville resident matched all five numbers in the March 26th drawing for Carolina Cash 5. She won the $775,794 jackpot. Benita took home $548,874 after taxes.

The Asheville woman said that she normally watches the drawing each night on her local TV station. This time, though, she thought the numbers sounded familiar. She checked her ticket numbers several times to confirm, and then shortly after midnight, she received an email notification congratulating her on her win.

Jackpot Win Holds Special Meaning for Benita Johnson

Benita says that winning the Cash 5 jackpot holds an extra special meaning to her.

“My aunt and I were very close. I cared for her until she passed,” Benita said. “The address on my aunt’s house was 326 and that’s the date I won.”

She continued, “We always talked about winning the Cash 5. We talked about it all the time. So, I had a little sense of sadness, but grateful for the blessing.”

North Carolina’s Stay at Home order remains in effect. This caused the NC Education Lottery to lift the usual requirement that winners of prizes worth $100,000 or more claim their prize in person.

After winning with her Online Play account, Benita had the choice of getting her prize money from an electronic funds transfer or by certified check — no in-person claim required.

After federal and state tax withholdings, Benita took home a whopping $548,874.

So, what’s she going to do with all that extra cash?

Benita says that she plans to pay off her son’s vehicle, donate to her church, and build a new deck for her and her husband to enjoy. She also says that she wants to share with “some family members that aren’t working right now.”

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