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7-Eleven convenience store in Woodhaven Michigan
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Michigan Man Steals Scratch Off Lottery Tickets From 7-Eleven Cashier

Police in Michigan are on the hunt for a man who stole lottery tickets at a 7-Eleven convenience store.

The man made off with the tickets after his credit card was declined.

Man in Woodhaven Michigan Steals Four Scratch Off Lottery Tickets From 7-Eleven Cashier

According to the Woodhaven Police Department, a man wearing a medical mask pulled a fast one on the cashier of a 7-Eleven.

The incident occurred at about 12:20 pm on April 19th. It was at the 7-Eleven located at 26900 Allen Road in Woodhaven, Michigan.

The man approached the register and requested $340 worth of lottery scratch off tickets. The cashier placed four Royal Millions tickets on the counter out of her sight, as she was getting the rest of the tickets. The man allegedly took the Royal Millions tickets and stashed them in his pocket while she was not looking.

He then attempted to pay for the $340 worth of lottery tickets with a credit card. The card was declined.

The police report from the incident states that the man told the cashier to hold the tickets for him, as he would be back to pay for them. After about 20 minutes or so, the cashier figured that he was not coming back for his merchandise.

She then began to restock the tickets. But this is when the cashier discovered that there were four Royal Millions tickets missing and reported it to the store’s owner.

The store owner reviewed the store’s recorded surveillance camera footage, which confirmed the sequence of events.

Tickets Have Been Reported Stolen, Voiding Any Potential Winnings

The owner also called the lottery hotline number to report the theft, according to what he told police. This means that the stolen tickets are effectively worthless. Winnings will not be paid on a ticket that has been reported stolen.

The alleged ticket thief is seen in security camera footage getting into a dark colored sedan, but there is no other identifying information available at this time. Because he was wearing a medical face mask, his identity is still unknown.

Woodhaven police advised the store owner to review the electronic transaction log to see if any kind of identifying information from the declined card transaction was recorded. In the event that the declined transaction did record information, it could lead police to the unidentified man.

However, it is unknown of the declined credit card even belonged to the man.

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