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Indiana Woman Accused of Stealing $100K in Lottery Tickets

A woman in Indiana is accused of stealing more than $100,000 worth of lottery tickets from the Middlebury BP CornerMart where she worked.

The woman, JoeHanna Marchand, 33, is facing two Level 5 felony counts of theft.

CornerMart Employee Accused of Taking Lottery Tickets During Work

The Middlebury police and the Hoosier Lottery began an investigation in February, when Marchand was accused of taking tickets from the gas station.

Security footage showed the woman activating a pack of scratch-off tickets and putting them on paperwork. She then went into an office and hid the pack in her sweatshirt, according to police in a probable cause affidavit.

A Hoosier Lottery spokeswoman explained that “activating” the packs of tickets means that they are ready to be sold. It sends a confirmation to the lottery that a retailer has the tickets, and is making them available for sale.

When police first interviewed Marchand, she told them that she is not supposed to purchase tickets at the gas station she works at. She claimed that she activated the packs and returned later to purchase them, in an effort to get around that rule. However, the affidavit shows that she was unable to provide any receipts for the sales.

The Hoosier Lottery did some digging. An investigator found that 145 lottery ticket packs were opened at the Middlebury gas station. It was during Marchand’s shifts between May 2019 and February 2020. The business had purchased the tickets from the lottery, but they were never sold as intended.

Stolen tickets Contained Estimated $75K in Winning Tickets

The lottery ticket packs amounted to a $104,850 loss for the CornerMart. The Hoosier Lottery investigator estimated winning tickets added up to $75,010.

On top of being seen in security video activating ticket packs and then leaving the store without paying for them, Marchand was also spotted by someone else. A witness told an investigator that Marchand was seen putting tickets in her purse. The witness said Marchand claimed she had already paid for them.

The affidavit does not say whether the woman ever collected any money from the winning tickets in the stolen packs. The Hoosier Lottery can’t comment on the case.

Charges were filed Monday in Elkhart County Superior Court 2, and an arrest warrant was issued. The Level 5 felony charges are listed as thefts valuing more than $50,000.

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