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‘Guardian Angel’ Helps Nebraska Man Win it Big in the Lottery

Kimball, Nebraska–When Brian Pearson’s wife, Reba, died several years ago after struggling with cancer, he was left with a broken heart.

His wife was described as always being there as a friend. She was always available as a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen.

To Brian, his wife was truly his very best friend. “She’s my guardian angel,” said Brian, and he also now considers her as his good luck charm.

Guardian Angel and Good Luck Charm

When Brian purchased a Nebraska Pick 5 ticket for the March 28 drawing, he chose a set of numbers that were very special to him—his wife’s birthday (11/29) and the day that she died, (7/4/13).

When he bought his ticket at a local gas station and convenience store, Vince’s Corner, he was really amazed to hear that someone had indeed won the $280,000 jackpot in Kimball.

To his surprise and delight, that someone turned out to be him.

When he checked his ticket, he saw the winning numbers: 4, 7, 11, 13, 29. They all matched, beating the odds of 1 in 501,942. His guardian angel more than delivered!

While some might have to resort to things like learning how to detox from alcohol, others find the inspiration to continue on, and to better their lives instead.

This Wasn’t His First Time Winning the Lottery

Amazingly enough, this isn’t the first time that Brian won a lottery. While this is certainly the largest amount he’s won, the lottery he won in the past wasn’t exactly spare change. Once in the Colorado lottery, he took home $25,000 after purchasing a winning scratch-off ticket.

Brian isn’t the only lucky lottery winner lately! Jack Barraclough of North Platte was also able to win a grand prize on March 25 in the Hot 7s Super Ticket scratch-off game.

Barraclough was able to take home a cool $77,777 prize.

“I was breathless,” said Barraclough to Nebraska Lottery officials when he showed up to pick up his winnings. “I was stunned.”

Another recent winner was Brandi Foreman of Council Bluffs, who took home $25,000 on Tuesday in the Iowa Lottery’s Wild Bing game. Her ticket was purchased at a HyVee drugstore on West Broadway.

Neil Watson, a Nebraska Lottery spokesman says that a $1 million winning Powerball ticket was purchased in Lincoln during the March 24 drawing, but it still hasn’t been claimed.

The five white winning numbers were 2, 8, 16, 18 and 31, but the golden Mega Ball did not match (14).

Marion Prince

If Marion Price ever won the lottery, she’d accept the winnings anonymously, hire a lawyer right away, and live modestly on the interest payments from her lump-sum payment. Not that she has a plan or anything…

She finds the stories of lotto winners fascinating—especially those rags-to-riches-to-rags again stories of winners who had it all and then lost everything.

When she’s not researching tales of winners and losers for HowTheLuck, Marion enjoys horseback riding and hiking.

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