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a person scratches off a North Carolina Educationo Lottery scratch ticket in Charlotte NC

NC Lottery Winner Once Again Hits It Big and More Lottery News

North Carolina—A lottery winner in North Carolina decided to test his luck once again with a scratch-off ticket, and it ended up being a very lucky decision indeed.

North Carolina Man Wins Lottery Twice Within Three Years

In less than three years’ time, Israel Carbajal was able to win two lottery jackpots, according to the North Carolina Education Lottery.

“When I scratched it, I saw the number and thought it was $100, but it was a lot more,” said Carbajal in the lottery’s news release.

In truth, his ticket was actually worth $100,000, which is half the amount he won back in July 2017 when he netted a $200,000 prize.

For his most recent lottery win, Carbajal stopped to pick up water at Yaya Mini Mart in Currie, a town near Wilmington, North Carolina.

After taxes were taken out, he was able to go home with $70,757 and plans to use his money to help his father with medical costs and to buy a new car for himself. He certainly won’t have to look for the cheapest phone plans after this.

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NC Education Lottery Closes All Claim Centers Due to Covid-19

In an effort to protect lottery players, employees and the public during the coronavirus outbreak, the NC Education Lottery will be closing all claim centers until at least March 31, beginning Monday.

The closure will include the Claim Centers located in Charlotte, Asheville, Greenville, Greensboro, and Wilmington.

Mark Michalko, executive director of the lottery, said, “At this time our primary focus is the safety of our employees, players, and partners. We are following the advice of local, state and federal officials.”

“Closing our Claim Centers is an additional measure that is appropriate at this time to help protect our communities.”

The lottery recommends that players with winning tickets should sign the back of the ticket and safely secure them. They plan to extend claim deadlines for any winning tickets that could expire during this time.

After the current ban in place by the state is lifted that prohibits large gatherings of people and school closures, players will have 30 days from that date to claim prizes that would have otherwise expired.

“We understand that many players do not want to travel to our offices at this time. We want to assure those with winning tickets that their prizes will be paid,” said Michalko.

How Lottery Winners Can Claim their Prizes

  • Here is additional information about what the changes will mean for lottery players:
  • Retail locations can still cash lottery prizes up to $599.
  • Tickets worth $600 or more should be signed and safely secured.
  • Tickets worth $600 or more can be mailed in, but winners should expect delays.
  • Claim forms can be found on the lottery’s website, and tracking is recommended.
  • Winners of prizes larger than $100,000 must be claimed in person.

Drawings are scheduled to continue, including games such as Mega Millions, Powerball and Lucky for Life. Others include Carolina Cash 5, Carolina Keno, Carolina Pick 3 and Carolina Pick 4.

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