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All Lottery Locations Closing, But Some Are Calling it An “Essential” Service

From now until April 13, the Lottery is closing its headquarters, distribution center and regional prize payment offices in Baton Rouge to both the public and employees in an effort to comply with the Governor’s stay-at-home order.

All Baton Rouge Lottery Locations Closed Thanks to Coronavirus

With many states starting to enforce stay-at-home orders to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the Baton Rouge Lottery is following suit and is now asking players to hold on to any winning tickets worth $600 or more until the prize payment offices resume operations.

The Lottery offered reassurance that the prize claim deadlines will be extended for an additional 90 days, and for all other prize levels; more information is available to players at

Although winning tickets can be claimed by mail, the Lottery issued a warning to players that there will be no recourse for tickets lost in transit. Until the mandate ends, March 23 was the last day that scratch-off tickets were shipped to retailers.

However, drawings for the Lottery’s games will continue as scheduled except for April 12, when no Louisiana-based drawings will take place because of Easter Sunday.

In a statement from the Lottery, they acknowledged the complications that the coronavirus and decisions made by the Lottery might cause, saying, “We recognize and regret the inconvenience these operational adjustments may cause our players and retailers.”

“In these uncertain times, the ultimate goal must be the safety and welfare of our entire Louisiana community.”

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Ohio Lottery Says Despite ‘Stay at Home’ Order, the Lottery Is an Essential Service

For almost two weeks now, Ohio’s casinos have been closed, along with bars that offer Keno. However, Ohio Lottery tickets are still being sold despite the new “Stay at Home” order that went into effect on Monday night.

In an effort to fight the spread of coronavirus, the “Stay at Home” order states that only essential services are allowed to continue operating, but it doesn’t say anything about lottery tickets that are sold at the retailers listed.

While some people may be searching for the cheapest phone plans and other methods to save money during the coronavirus spread, others are still purchasing lottery tickets in hopes of winning big.

The agency released a written statement that says “the Lottery Commission’s operation is considered an essential government function providing funding of public education and our ongoing philanthropic efforts across the state.”

It added that the lottery ticket sales would be limited to businesses, convenience stores and grocers that are deemed essential.

Some cashiers have a different point of view, saying that redeeming and selling the tickets requires that they hand them to customers within less than the six-foot distance required by the “Stay at Home” order.

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