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After Suffering ‘Rough Couple of Years,’ Man Wins $1M Lottery Scratch Off

LANSING, Michigan–An Oakland man got the surprise of his life when he won $1 million dollars playing the Michigan Lottery’s $1,000,000 Lucky 7’s instant game. He referred to his luck at winning the lottery as a “true blessing.”

Michigan Man Wins $1 Million Dollars in Lottery Scratch Off

After the player, who chose to remain anonymous, won $1 million dollars, he revealed that he asked his wife to scratch off the ticket, saying that he thought it’d help make the ticket luckier.

“I don’t play the lottery often, but had a feeling and decided to buy a $1,000,000 Lucky 7’s instant game ticket. I brought it home and asked my wife to scratch it for me because she’s like Lady Luck!”

“As soon as I saw the pot of gold symbol, I said: ‘We’ve got a winner!” said the player’s wife. “Once I scratched off the $1 million prize, I could barely talk. I just kept saying: ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!'”

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Past Few Years Were Rough for the Married Couple Before Winning the Lottery

The man who bought the ticket explained that “We’ve had a rough couple years, so this is a real blessing. All our worries are gone now. We can pay off some bills and we’ll save the rest, maybe take a trip somewhere.”

The man bought his ticket at the 7-Eleven located at 710 Benstein Road in Commerce Township.

Since the $1,000,000 Lucky 7’s scratch off game launched in January, players have won more than $11 million dollars. Players have a chance to win prizes ranging from $10 up to $1 million with each $10 ticket purchase.

There are more than $36 million in prizes remaining, including 158 $2000 prizes, 34 $10,000 prizes and two $1 million dollar prizes. The lottery tickets can be purchased at 10,500 retailers across the state.

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Louisiana Woman Wins $1 Million from Arkansas Lottery

The Oakland man wasn’t the only big lottery winner this week. When a Shreveport, Louisiana, woman stopped at an Arkansas E-Z Mart to pick up cigarettes, she walked out with not only that but also $1 million dollars.

“My husband, Thomas, and I stopped at the gas station to buy a carton of cigarettes because they’re cheaper in Arkansas than Louisiana,” she said. It was while they were standing in line that they decided to purchase the tickets separately on a whim.

“I seldom play the lottery, so Thomas encouraged me to buy a $20 ticket. I scratched the ticket off in the car and didn’t think it was real. I thought someone gave me a fake ticket. When I realized the win was real, I told my husband and he kept asking me if I was kidding with him.”

She was not kidding, and she plans to donate to her church and pay her tithes with the winnings.

“I’m still in shock! I just keep thanking Jesus for this blessing. He’s the only reason that we won. We haven’t scratched my husband’s tickets yet. We’re still excited about my win!”

Since 2009, Schubert is the 70th person in Arkansas to win a lottery prize worth $1 million or more.

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