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22-Year-Old Grocery Bagger Wins $70 Million from Lottery Ticket Purchased at Work

A 22-year-old grocery store employee has just won the biggest jackpot in Loto-Quebec history. And how did he win? He purchased the winning ticket from the very same store he works at.

Just imagine bagging groceries for a living and having $70 million dollars land in your lap at such a young age! Talk about being set for life. The young man will never again have to worry about payroll companies.

Grocery Store Bagger Wins $70 Million Dollars

Gregory Mathieu works as a bagger at the IGA Extra grocery store in the Saint-Romuald district of Levis, Quebec City. On Wednesday, he showed up at the lottery office to present his winning ticket, said Corporate Director of Public Affairs at Loto-Quebec Patrice Lavoie to CNN.

“Loto-Quebec celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year,” said Lavoie. “We are thrilled to, at the same time, give our biggest jackpot yet.”

Mathieu wasn’t the only winner in the same draw, according to the lottery’s website. There were eight other winners who won $1 million. Mathieu’s family was also able to share in the winnings. One can’t help but wonder how much he will give each family member, considering he won such an incredible amount of money.

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Young Man Plans to Share Winnings With His Family

When asked what he plans to do with the incredible $70 million dollars that he won, he said that he planned to share the money with his family.

“There will be eight winners from the same family,” said Lavoie. “He shared it with seven family members.”

A press conference is planned by the lottery on Friday to introduce the winner and to also have his photo taken alongside the customary giant lottery check. Besides, is a lottery win ever official if no giant check photo is involved?

The Loto-Quebec officials say that they plan to give Mathieu advice about his winnings before they actually hand over any cash. Lavoie has already offered one bit of advice, saying, “If you like your job, you don’t need to retire yet. And be careful what you post on social media.”

Granted, that advice is good for just about any situation in general–but bad things can easily happen when family, friends and the general public learn that you have so much money on hand.

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If Marion Price ever won the lottery, she’d accept the winnings anonymously, hire a lawyer right away, and live modestly on the interest payments from her lump-sum payment. Not that she has a plan or anything…

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