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SC Man Wins $250,000 After Vacuuming Change Out of His Car

Just imagine vacuuming $5 of change from your car and getting $250,000 in return. That’s exactly what happened to this South Carolina man after he completed his usual morning chore of making sure his car stayed in tip-top shape.

Thanks to his diligence, he can put even more money towards taking care of his car if he so chooses!

Man Vacuums Change Out of His Car, Gets $250,000 for Doing His Chores

The lottery winner is from Chapin, a small town in South Carolina, and he told officials that while vacuuming out his car, he found $5 in change. He then took that $5 and bought a scratch-off lottery ticket.

After scratching off the ticket, he handed it to the attendant to be scanned, who told him to go to the lottery claims center in Columbia, South Carolina, so that he could claim his prize.

The winner couldn’t quite believe it, asking, “Are you sure?”

After winning, the player says that he plans to use the $250,000 to help pay off debt, to help take care of his family–and then he’d like to spend a little on doing something fun.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Publix grocery store located on Chapin Road.

Another Lottery Winner Chooses to Buy… a Vacuum Cleaner?

In another vacuum-related lottery story, Terry Falgate, 48, won more than $1.2 million dollars thanks to a UK-based Lucky Dip ticket. Most folk dream of new houses and paying off debt when they win such a large amount of money, but Terry? Nope.

Instead, he decided to purchase a vacuum cleaner. Not just any vacuum cleaner, but a new Dyson that cost him almost $700.

And what prompted him to give in and at least purchase a new vacuum cleaner? He says it was because “I’d had an argument with it.”

“I went to empty it, the lid snapped, stuff went everywhere and I thought I can now go and buy a different hoover. It’s all I’ve bought.”

He added that he ‘wouldn’t have looked at’ such a high-end model before winning, but admitted that ‘They are unbelievable.”

Since winning and only purchasing the single vacuum cleaner, Terry is now considering buying a home with ‘a little bit more of a garden for me and the dog’ in the same area he currently lives in.

Marion Prince

If Marion Price ever won the lottery, she’d accept the winnings anonymously, hire a lawyer right away, and live modestly on the interest payments from her lump-sum payment. Not that she has a plan or anything…

She finds the stories of lotto winners fascinating—especially those rags-to-riches-to-rags again stories of winners who had it all and then lost everything.

When she’s not researching tales of winners and losers for HowTheLuck, Marion enjoys horseback riding and hiking.

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