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Oregon Lottery Riley and Jerrica Ross
Oregon Lottery | Riley and Jerrica Ross

Harrisburg Couple Wins $250K Lottery During Wedding Celebration and Other News

HARRISBURG, OR–A couple in Harrisburg was celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary when they decided to purchase an Oregon Lottery Scratch-it ticket.

According to the Oregon Lottery, Riley and Jerrica Ross stopped at a Shell Station while they were on their way home from the Oregon Coast. They needed gas, but purchased a few lottery tickets as well–and it ended up being a “great anniversary present,” according to Riley.

Couple Stopped for Gas During Anniversary Celebration, Wins $250K Lottery

A billboard advertising the lottery is what led to the couple deciding to purchase tickets that day.

“We stopped to get gas and noticed on a billboard that the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots all had a four in them,” said Riley. “Then we looked on the mobile app and saw that Megabucks was at $4.4 million and decided we needed to get four of each.”

Not only that, but the couple also decided to get $20 VIP Black Scratch-its.

“Normally we play twice a month and break even,” said Jerrica. “We also take them home to play, but for some reason, we decided to scratch them in the car. We couldn’t believe it when I scanned it with the app and it said we’d won $250,000!”

And what does the couple plan to do with their money? According to the Oregon Lottery, they said they’d like to pay off their mortgage and bills with their winnings.

“It’s basically a reset for our finances. It’s a great anniversary present!” said Riley.

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Another Married Couple Wasn’t So Lucky After Winning $500K Lottery

Just three years after winning a $500k lottery jackpot, a Michigan couple was arrested after taking part in a months-long burglary spree.

Mitchell Arnswalld, 29, and Stephanie Harvell, 28, were arraigned on charges for second-degree home invasion and possession of burglary tools, said The Bay City Times newspaper.

After winning the lottery, they claimed that it couldn’t have happened at a better time since they had been living paycheck to paycheck. “I cried like a baby when I saw what I’d won. I still can’t believe it,” said Harvell.

“We both work really hard and it’s been tough to support our family. We recently lost a car and the day I scratched off this ticket we got an eviction notice.”

Unfortunately, it seems like the couple had once again hit hard times and were placed in police custody after committing a string of burglaries across five Michigan counties.

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