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Woman Walks All Night After Winning $125k Lottery

When a Columbia, South Carolina, woman learned that she’d won the lottery, she decided to hit the streets in celebration!

And why not? After finding out that you’ve won a lottery, sleeping is most likely the very last thing on your mind. If nothing else, a nice brisk walk in the cool breeze can definitely help you clear your thoughts.

Woman Hits the Streets in Celebration After Winning Six-Figure Lottery Ticket

When the woman found out that she’d won a six-figure jackpot after scratching off her ticket, the South Carolina Education Lottery said that she celebrated by taking a nice long walk.

She purchased the ticket at the Kangaroo Express convenience store and gas station on Elmwood Avenue and was amazed when she learned that she was the winner of $125,000, according to a news release by the lottery officials.

“I scratched off the ticket and noticed I won,” the woman said in the news release. “In shock, I immediately handed it to my son for safekeeping. Then I stayed up all night walking around in disbelief.”

The woman has not been publically identified thanks to South Carolina being one of a handful of states that allows lottery winners to remain anonymous. Other states that allow this include Kansas, Delaware, Maryland, Georgia, Ohio, North Dakota and Texas.

How She Won $125,000 and Beat the Incredible Odds

The anonymous woman bought her winning Super Tripler Win game instant ticket for $5 and beat the 1 in 660,000 odds. So far, she hasn’t said how she plans to spend her newly-acquired six-digit windfall, though the news release suggests that a new pair of walking shoes might be a fantastic purchase.

Another $125,000 jackpot in the same game remains unclaimed at the time of writing, so there is no time like the present for others to start putting their own walking shoes to good use.

The Kangaroo Express store where she purchased the ticket will receive a commission of $1,250, says the SC Lottery, for selling the winning ticket. The store is close to a U-Haul Moving & Storage center, close to a McDonald’s near the intersection of Elmwood and Assembly Street.

Marion Prince

If Marion Price ever won the lottery, she’d accept the winnings anonymously, hire a lawyer right away, and live modestly on the interest payments from her lump-sum payment. Not that she has a plan or anything…

She finds the stories of lotto winners fascinating—especially those rags-to-riches-to-rags again stories of winners who had it all and then lost everything.

When she’s not researching tales of winners and losers for HowTheLuck, Marion enjoys horseback riding and hiking.

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