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Man Wins $2 Million Dollars During his Lunch Break

Lansing, MI–When you hear the words “paid lunch”, this isn’t what comes to mind for most folk, but it brought an entirely new meaning to a Wayne County man who won $2 million dollars after he bought a lottery ticket during his lunch break at work.

$2 Million Dollar Paid Lunch Break

The winner of the $2 million dollars had gone on a lunch break and stopped by the Athens Grocery Store, located at 579 Monroe Street in Detroit, Michigan.  It was there that the winner, who chooses to remain anonymous, purchased a Diamond Dazzler ticket that was apparently worth quite a few diamonds.

The 53-year-old player recounted the event, saying, “I was on my lunch break and I grabbed a Diamond Dazzler ticket to scratch while I ate. The ticket caught my eye because it’s my favorite color.”

“I casually scratched it off while I ate lunch with my coworker… When I uncovered the amounts at the very end, I had to confirm with them that I was a winner,” he said. “As soon as they confirmed, I jumped for joy!”

We imagine the coworker wasn’t quite as excited, but hopefully, they were happy for their friend’s amazing stroke of luck.

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Winner Plans to Spend the Money on His Children

Soon after winning, the man visited the Michigan Lottery headquarters located in Lansing so that he could claim his prize. Instead of receiving an annuity, he chose to receive a lump payment of approximately $1.3 million dollars.

When asked what he plans to do with his newly acquired winnings, he said he’d like to save the money for his children’s future. This anonymous winner isn’t the only person to suddenly have a surprise windfall while running a seemingly common errand.

Last week, Harland Dodson’s wife asked him to pick up a lighter for her from the store, and he ended up walking away with a cool $500,000 prize instead.

The lesson learned from that story is that if your wife asks you to do something, you should absolutely listen!

Marion Prince

If Marion Price ever won the lottery, she’d accept the winnings anonymously, hire a lawyer right away, and live modestly on the interest payments from her lump-sum payment. Not that she has a plan or anything…

She finds the stories of lotto winners fascinating—especially those rags-to-riches-to-rags again stories of winners who had it all and then lost everything.

When she’s not researching tales of winners and losers for HowTheLuck, Marion enjoys horseback riding and hiking.

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